Do You Want to Expand Your Business by Opening a Free Store in AliExpress Russia?

We provide free consultancy to increase the sales of the stores we choose. At the same time, thanks to our cooperation with AliExpress, we ensure that the stores we choose are highlighted.

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Advantages of AliExpress Russia

Free store opening

While you can open your account for free, you will not pay any extra fee for store or product listing.

Fixed 10% commission on sales

A fixed 10% commission is charged on sales in all categories. There is no additional commission.

(Very low compared to other marketplaces)

Fixed 10% commission on sales

AliExpress, which has a contract with PTS, also handles the shipping process itself and provides end-to-end service by delivering the cargo it receives from you to the recipient. It also has affordable pricing.

Shipping Prices :

  • 0-0,5 kg = 5 USD
  • 0,5 – 1 kg = 7 USD
  • 1- 2 kg = 10 USD
  • 2 – 3 kg = 15 USD
  • 3- 5 kg = 20 USD
  • +5 kg = 5 USD

High Customer Traffic

With 80 Million+ monthly traffic and less competition than other marketplaces, there is a good opportunity for sellers.

AliExpress Consultancy Form

Fill out the form. Let's examine your products and store. If we deem it appropriate, we will contact you for your free consultancy process.


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