Amazon Arbitrage Business Model

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December 19, 2023


Amazon arbitrage can be defined as a business model where individuals or companies purchase products at a low price and resell them at a higher price on platforms like Amazon, earning a profit. This model is especially popular on platforms with a broad customer base, such as Amazon. Arbitrage sellers typically buy discounted products in bulk and list them individually on Amazon at a higher price, capitalizing on the price difference between low-cost purchases and high-cost sales.

In the Amazon arbitrage model, sellers often capitalize on discount opportunities found elsewhere to identify high-demand products on Amazon, selling them profitably. Taking advantage of price fluctuations and seasonal discounts is an attractive aspect of this model.

Success in Amazon arbitrage requires expertise in market research, pricing strategies, and logistics management. A successful arbitrage seller must continuously monitor market trends, offer competitive pricing, and provide quality service to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, complying with Amazon’s policies and seller rules is critical for long-term success in this model.

In Amazon arbitrage, since you are selling brand products, you can enter the listings and acquire the buy box to sell profitably.

But How Do You Capture These Price Differences?

You can generate income by purchasing products at discounts from stores and selling them on Amazon. In some countries, certain brands are priced more affordably. You can buy these branded products there and sell them on Amazon for arbitrage. You can also arbitrage by taking advantage of price differences between platforms, like between Walmart and Amazon or Target and Amazon. Arbitrage can be done by exploiting price differences between Amazon marketplaces. For instance, a product might be $10 on Amazon and $35 on Amazon Canada. You can buy products from Amazon and ship them in bulk to the Amazon Canada warehouse for sale.

Purchasing from the brand itself, its distributor, or its dealers allows you to switch from arbitrage to the wholesale business model. One crucial aspect of the Amazon arbitrage model is selling branded products. It's vital to remember Amazon's strictness on brand infringements. Selling non-original products can lead to the closure of your Amazon account. Ensure that the products you sell are original. There have been cases in Turkey where sellers made significant profits by selling imitation products of major brands, but eventually, their accounts were closed. Amazon can freeze your funds and close your account if it detects non-original products.

Amazon may request invoices for products. They use these invoices to verify the authenticity of the products. Becoming an authorized seller by partnering with smaller brands is the most reliable method. However, large brands are unlikely to partner with you directly. To sell their products, you need to work with authorized distributors and dealers of the brands.

Many brands sell their products in America, Amazon's largest market, and don't sell directly in other countries. In those countries, dropshipping sellers list these products; when a sale occurs, they buy from and ship.

Thus, there are excellent opportunities for arbitrage sellers in countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia. Since most lists are dominated by FBM sellers doing dropshipping, sending products to a warehouse and working with FBA can easily capture the buy box, enabling fast and profitable sales.

You can make significant sales by finding brands that are on but don't sell themselves in countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia, and sending their products to Amazon’s warehouse using the FBA method.

At Rexven, we offer the Rexven arbitrage tool for arbitrage between Amazon platforms. This tool lists products with price differences in America and Canada, simplifying the time-consuming process of product identification and price difference research.

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