'Hello! We are here as a team that has embarked on an incredible journey towards our dreams. The moment you step inside to get to know us, you will encounter a storm of energy and creativity that will draw you in. Who are we? Here is the answer...'


Our Vision

Becoming one of the largest software companiesto emerge from Turkey on a global scale is our greatest vision.

For this vision, we have made learning, developing, and working hardour fundamental principles.

We continue to work tirelessly for always something better.


Our Mission


Our mission is to be a platform that solves the needs of e-commerce stakeholders in Turkey in the best possible way.

To fulfill this mission, we do our utmost and are a company that updates our services with constantly evolving needs. Supporting entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs and witnessing their successes is our greatest motivation.

We Are Family!


The interaction among all members of our team is at the highest level. Here, you will feel as though you are working not just in a workplace, but in a family environment. Collaboration and solidarity are part of our DNA.We work in an atmosphere where everyone supports each other, and we celebrate successes together. Your coworkers will become not just your colleagues, but your friends.

We're Trying to Build a World
Brimming with Creativity

We are a team that ignites the creative fire within us. We believe in innovative thinking and allow ideas to flow freely. We are not afraid to push boundaries, break traditional thought patterns and pursue radical ideas. That's why this is a place where ideas are alive and can scream.


We Believe in the Power of Smile


We believe that laughter makes things better. Every moment we share includes a smile. When you step into our office each day, a warm smile will greet you. Inside, positive energy and joy will circulate in every corner. Because we value having fun and being joyful while working.

Passion for Innovation is Indispensable


We challenge the ordinary and embrace innovative thinking. The necessity of continuous renewal and adapting to innovations is an undeniable fact. Therefore,innovations and inspiring ideasare both highly valuable and indispensable for us. We take bold steps to continuously explore, try, and learn. This passion changes not only our jobs but also life.

Our Team Members

Mehmet Tek image

Mehmet Tek


Ayşe Kar image

Ayşe Kar


Serkan Şahin image

Serkan Şahin


Tuğba Maral image

Tuğba Maral


Mehmet Para image

Mehmet Para


Emine Elçi image

Emine Elçi

Customer Support

Fatma Zehra Şahin image

Fatma Zehra Şahin

Customer Support

İsmail Aksoy image

İsmail Aksoy

Customer Support

Ömer Dinçer image

Ömer Dinçer

Customer Support

Ali Kemal Düzgün image

Ali Kemal Düzgün


Bedirhan Çelik image

Bedirhan Çelik


Barış Kaya image

Barış Kaya


Yunus Emre İlhan image

Yunus Emre İlhan


Zafer Karakaya image

Zafer Karakaya


Muhammed Erkam Güzel image

Muhammed Erkam Güzel


Ziyacan Kemal Türksever image

Ziyacan Kemal Türksever

Operation & HR Department

Berfu Deniz image

Berfu Deniz


Osman Ünal image

Osman Ünal


Dilara Aksoy image

Dilara Aksoy


Muhammet İbrahim Güzelsoy image

Muhammet İbrahim Güzelsoy


Eda Aslantaş image

Eda Aslantaş


Metehan Kanmaz image

Metehan Kanmaz


Sevgi Kümüş Tek image

Sevgi Kümüş Tek


Talha Güven image

Talha Güven


Hasan İhsan Toker image

Hasan İhsan Toker


Afra Güngör image

Afra Güngör


Murat Çelik image

Murat Çelik


Fatih Muharremgil image

Fatih Muharremgil


Every individual in the organization is very valuable. The most important element that creates the organization and carries it into the future is the team. They are our heroes and that's why we respect them. We are stronger when we build our dreams together. In order to prepare each of our heroes for the future, we offer training opportunities to support their personal and professional development and try to reveal their leadership skills. We pay attention to their needs and offer incentives and rewards to motivate them.

Our Aim is to Contribute to the Community and
Create Added Value

We carry responsibility not only as an organization, but also as a part of the community. We actively participate in social responsibility projects and promote environmentally friendly practices. We do our best to make the community we are a part of a better place.We especially think about the future of young minds and try to support them in building the right lifeby mentoring them.


Let Your Dreams Be Our Dreams, Let's Try
To Make Them Come True Together!!!


In our organization, we're not just doing business, but alsoproviding an opportunity to realize your dreams.Here, you will gain the chance to think big, discover your own talents, and push boundaries. You will be in an environment where youwon't fear generating new ideas, trying to bring your ideas to life, and failing!That's why those who join our family find more than what they dreamed of.

We Would Like to See You Among Us

To you, our new prospective heroes! Get ready to join an energetic and passionate team. Unleash your imagination and achieve incredible things with us. If you are ready to embark on a journey that makes a difference by joining our family, reach out and send your self-introduction letter to [email protected].

Rexven Principles

Our most important principle is trust. Rexven aims to be a reliable company.

Justice is the foundation of property, hence we act justly. We do not stay silent in the face of injustice. In Rexven, it is forbidden to infringe upon the rights of others. Everyone gets what they work for.

Honesty is very important; lying is forbidden at Rexven.

In Rexven, there is no discrimination based on race, language, religion, or gender. Not just in words, but genuinely. Since our goal is to be a global company, our company can have Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or people from dozens of races. We show respect to each other.

We are not a company of acquaintances, but a company of merit. In Rexven, there are not people for roles, but roles for people.

No one is superior to anyone else; everyone is equal. Those who are arrogant and cannot manage their ego cannot continue to work at Rexven.

Decisions are made not despotically but through common sense and consultation.

At Rexven, our team's ideas are taken into account. Every idea is valuable.

We know we cannot become the world’s largest company by working 8-5. That’s why we work tirelessly.

Rexven allocates a portion of its earnings to social and aid projects. Helping is fundamental; we assist and support each other.

We think not short-term, but long-term.

At Rexven, we do things not just well, but perfectly. Rexven can only be as good as we are. Therefore, we continuously improve ourselves.

We believe everything starts with dreams and therefore, we are hopeful for the future.

We do not complain about our situation; we work to fix it. The mentality of "this is not my job" is not accepted at Rexven. If we see a problem somewhere, we work to solve it.

We solve the problem with the person we have an issue with; we do not gossip.

We never give up.

Our customers are very valuable to us. We constantly develop solutions for their problems and needs.

In our company, the word is the bond; when we promise, we deliver.

We work not to make money but to change the world.

We prioritize the development of our team, their progress, and being people who keep up with the times is our top priority. Because we are aware that every excited and self-improving member adds value to us.

In Rexven, employees' egos do not come before their work. We are always open to constructive criticism.


Rexven is a platform that unites manufacturers and wholesalers, entrepreneurs who do or want to do e-commerce, as well as service providers such as cargo, logistics, intermediate warehouse and accounting.

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